Frequently Asked Questions ?

Q1. What is data recovery?
Answer. Data recovery is a process to retrieve data from a undetected/deleted/lost partition /failed or crashed hard drive depending on factors like mechanical, electronic & other environmental and physical damage.

Q2. Can my data recoverable?
Answer. In many instances, yes like (formatted/ deleted/OS Corruption) data& in other physical mechanical components (No Drive detected/Disk error/No media present) hard drives are subject to mechanical failure over time.

Q3. What are the chances of recovery?
Answer. Data recovery cannot be predicted without proper physical analyzing of the Hard Drive.

Q4. How much time will it take to recover my data?
Answer. We have three time Sensitive slabs (Standard 5-7 business days, Priority 2-5 business days, Emergency hours).This can only be applicable after hard drive examination.

Q5. What are the charges of Examination?
Answer. It’s Free as a promotional offer to all the clients from DRB Lab! till December 2017

Q6. How pickup, drop and courier services work?
Answer. Initially the pickup facility is limited to Bhilai/Drug area only. The drop facility is available at our various Channel partner near to your location. For Courier kindly fill the enquiry form will guide you thereafter.

Q7. How long does examination process take?
Answer. We are regularly trying to boost the case status to client in 6-8 hrs. but due to over load some time it may take more than 12hrs.

Q8. Will I be informed after analysis?
Answer. Yes you will receive a call from our analysing team they will discuss the case status & the prices quotation. Please do fill the enquiry form in the enquiry page.

Q9. How will I get my data back?
Answer. You have to provide media to copy the data (external drive/hard drive/laptop Drive/etc.)

Q10. Is my data secured with you?
Answer. When it comes to security we do not compromise on that. Our lab is highly secured, and no unauthorised accessed is allowed in. Besides we built a trust relation with clients so that they leave their confidential/ Personal data with us.

Q11. How do I reach you?
Answer. You can reach us by our channel partners or fill the enquiry form we will contact you.